Night of Miracles



Is the event handicapped accessible?
The journey is a walking tour along a defined pathway.  The terrain can be uneven and rough in areas.  Wheelchairs and scooters are certainly welcome but at times may be difficult to maneuver.


How should I dress?
The event is held outdoors, so dress warm for the cold weather.  It is a walking tour, so wear comfortable shoes (high heals are not recommended).


What is not permitted?
•No illegal items or substances
•No food and/or drink
•No pets (seeing-eye dogs are the exception)
•No smoking or alcohol


How many times can I visit The Night of Miracles?
You may return as many nights as you wish.  Tell others and share the experience!


Can I interact with the cast and animals in the village?
Yes; we strongly encourage you to do so!






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