Night of Miracles



What will I experience at the Night of Miracles?
The Night of Miracles is a walk-through interactive live nativity experience. The self-guided tour begins with a greeting and instructions from one of our villagers.  As you explore the village, the story of events heralding Jesus’ birth will unfold.  You can see the shepherds tending their flocks, visit the well, grain maker, carpenter’s shed, marketplace, census booth, the inn, and the animal pen.  Finally, follow the kings’ entourage to the stable where the Christ-child is born.  Along the journey you can interact with the villagers and animals.  The Christmas story cycles every 30 minutes, so if you miss any of the pageantry, please feel free to spend additional time in the village until you’ve experienced everything.


What is the cost?
Admission is free.  The Night of Miracles is a Christmas gift to the community and is presented at no cost.


Do I need reservations?
No.  However, operational hours are from 6 PM – 9 PM nightly, and we encourage you to plan your visit accordingly.


Are groups welcome?


Is the event open to children?
Absolutely!  We strongly encourage the whole family to make the journey a Christmas tradition.  For the safety of small children, we request they be accompanied by a parent/guardian at all times within the village.


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